Promotional Mech Bits Planned

Got a 3D printer?
Got a buddy with a 3D printer?
Know how to upload a file to a service bureau, and have them mail the print to you?

I've got something planned.

As part of my upcoming release (Junctionworld Book One: Defiance), I'll be releasing .stl format files of mechs and mech parts in various scales.

So far, I'm thinking 28mm (1/56th), 15mm (1/100th), 12mm (1/144th), 10mm (1/160th), 8mm (Whatever that translates to...1/180th?), and 6mm/Epic (1/300th or so).

This can all be done through the magic of the Scale command.

Just for reference, the mech pictured above (an early form of Judah, a custom gladiator mech) is about the same size as a WH40K Imperial Knight model, so the weapons would be similar.

Have an idea?  email me at



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