New Waldos, and Waldos Through The Ages

Waldo is the name I've given to the size reference figure I've used since I started digital sculpting in 2001.

He's gone through many updates, over the years, from a crude, slabby representation of a human-sized figure to the current files I just bought from

Now, I have them all saved in a separate file.  A Waldo file.  Never thought I'd type that...

Anyway, here are a few comparison pics.

 Here's Jessica Kramer, with Casual Waldo on the left, and Suited Waldo on the right.

 A closer shot of the three.

 Casual Waldo.

 Suited Waldo.

 Here's a retrospective shot of all my Waldos.
Center guy has done most of the work for the last decade.
The double silhouette was for Wizkids work (they provided the fig).
Second from the right is my early 2000s Waldo.
Far right is my first Waldo.
I came up with him when I was doing reference shots for 1/60th CAV work, and he stuck around ever since.

Nice to see the family all in one place.

Well, that's all for now.

Back to writing.



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