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So You've Got Files But No Printer...

When I'm not digitally writing, I'm digitally sculpting. I give away a lot of my own files as a way of giving back to the hobby.  Maybe it's karma.  Call it what you will. There are two main sites I utilize for these efforts. One is The other is called   This post doesn't just apply to my Stereolithography (.stl) files, though.  You can buy files from a growing number of sculptors via their Patreons or other outlets like or OR (Shameless Plug), you can buy a tank or other armored vehicle from last year's Motorpool STL File Kickstarter I helped produce with Rebel Minis.  Here's the link to those files , which you can now buy a la carte. Once you have the file on your hardrive, free or purchased, but have no printer

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