Howdy. Call Me Bear.

Hello.  Allow me to introduce myself...


I'm John Bear Ross, but you can call me Bear, and I write and work in Southern Nevada. I turn large amounts of caffeine into words.

I was born in Arizona. I served in the Marine Corps Reserves as a machine-gunner. I enjoy firearms, motorcycles, 3D printing, and machining. Oh, and beer. Maybe too much.
On top of all those things, I am a blue-collar guy with a compulsion to write. There’s not much more to me than that.

I'm married to my wife, Beautiful Rachel, and we have two kids together. My work is dedicated to them.

To get ahold of me, feel free to email me at
Or, join me on Facebook, where I do most of my interacting.

My public page is

So, that's the official bio in the back of my upcoming book, from Aethon Books.

The title, you ask?  Oh, you didn't ask?  Well, here it is, anyway... ;)

Right now, we're going with "Junctionworld Book One: Defiance."
It's the first part of a trilogy of books for which I signed a contract.  The first installment, Defiance, is in for final editing.  Book Two, "Breakthrough" (working title) is about 44,000 words in, and should be delivered to the editors by the end of the summer of 2019.

I just bought the URL for, since my old and sites are kicking off filters at Twitter and Facebook for no known reason.
So, welcome to the the new face of my web presence.  More to come.



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