New Arms For Judah

The first version of Judah, the family battle-ride for the Fourth Gate Kramers, was made for cover art.

As I have said before, my sculpts are usually for prototypes and models, not pretty pictures.

So, converting the pretty picture version into something that is printable takes a little bit of massaging.

Between words, today, I did a little rework to Judah's arm.  The look will be mirrored for right and left.

I am enjoying that new Jessica Kramer figure from

I also ordered a new Waldo, my classic reference figure, for future use.
The small cost of paying for a download of someone else's .stl saves time, which equals money.

Here's a preview of the new Waldo.  I ordered two versions, Casual and Suited.  ;)

 Here he is in shorts and cybernetic body.

 And here he is, looking slightly more professional.

Waldo has gone through a few iterations, over the years.  More on that later.

In the meantime, overtime calls.  Back to the salt mines!



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