Gatekeeper Recruitment Message

“You should feel honored, gentlebeing. We took notice of your plight, your valiant struggle, and now offer you relief and rescue from your situation. We are located in a safe place, a junction between worlds, free from the burden that now vexes you.
“We bid you come join us. Please, cease your worshiping, though we are flattered, and provide our scout drone with some signal of sentience and agreement.
“We will then begin the evacuation process. Naturally, this arrangement does come with certain terms and conditions, but we will discuss those later, once you are safely through the portal that will soon appear...”
-Gatekeeper Recruitment Message
Number 43, Revision 7

* * * * *

This is how it starts. This is how they get you. This is how it begins as a gladiator on Junctionworld.
You’re in a tight situation, but you’re one hell of a fighter. Your back is against the wall, and the scout and recruitment drones, who seek out conflicts for potential mech gladiator candidates, have taken an interest in you.
So, they wait until you’re about to buy it, and offer you a deal like this. It all goes from there.


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