Basing My Knight Armigers

I am getting ready to meet up with my high school friends and play some WH40K tabletop games.
I bought some Imperial Knights, and have been building and painting slowly as a break from writing.

Here's today's progress, before the caffeine kicks in and I start writing.

Small terrain is two-part epoxy with rocks from the front yard pressed into it.
I then brush watered-down white glue on the base, and dunk it in kitty litter.
It's a pretty basic technique, but I like the result.

 Here's all five of the Armigers together.

 Here's my close-combat Armiger Warglaive.
He'll be a Freeblade, traveling under a curse.
His own Knight house was butchered, and his obsession with revenge has driven him into the arms of Khorne.

Trophies from his past kills litter his feet.  The two chaos icons, though, can be applied to his armor.  He's on the verge of going Traitor.  I like his little backstory, and might make it a short story for Junctionworld.

 Here's my Ace.  He's the leader of the Armiger Helverins (the shooty guys).  He has a few more details on him, to denote his veteran status.

Back to writing.



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