The Cazador Terror Mech in 28mm



Compatible with One Page Rules, particularly for those of you with Titan Lord armies...

Only the most psychotic of pilots can handle the controls, and grim depopulation missions, of the Cervantes-class Cazador Terror Mech.

Its spiked form and sickening function are in ugly harmony, causing fear and dread in all who are unlucky to behold it with their naked eye or targeting array.

A Cazador's severed sensor head is also one of the most hated and sought-after kill trophies in the ranks of the Interdimensional Mercenary Guild. They are notoriously tough, fast, and ferocious, and only the most skilled pilots can take them on.

Rumors abound that the Cazador's design and programming was corrupted by the Dark Forces, possibly in the prototype stage by demented engineers, possibly after they pass through the Worldgate networks and are infected by insidious, unseen phenomenon.

Whatever the source of their abilities, they are exceedingly good at killing and slaughter.

The bounty on these atrocity machines is a hard-won prize, one that most pilots don't live to collect.


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