The 28mm Conquistador Main Battle Mecha

 The Conquistador is the most commonly encountered variant of the varied Project Cervantes armored walkers, being suited for both close and distant combat with a beautifully balanced repertoire of weaponry.

It's only potential weakness is a logistics problem, supplying its thirsty double rotary cannons with ammunition. Advanced technological solutions such as munitions printers, liquid propellants, and forward munition resupply drones help alleviate this point, and help make the Conquistador a mainstay battleline unit throughout the Worldgate networks.

Often deployed in lances or platoons of four, depending on the level of aristocratic or military rigor of its parent organization, the Conquistador, often affectionately labeled as "The Konk," is found in the thick of battle, creating breakthroughs in enemy lines or supporting infantry as they close with and destroy the entrenched enemy.

"The Konk" is able to be customized according to mission requirements. While most pilots select the large rear-mounted ammunition drum, especially for fire suppression or defensive tasks, some can also select a weapon-mounted drum (along with two or three additional quick-change drums mounted to the hull) for more maneuverability. Some pilots also elect to mount carapace weapons on top of their hull, or a heavy flamethrower to the sword arm.

There is also a forthcoming reactive armor package in the works, able to help defeat incoming anti-armor missiles and hordes of attacking infantry with command or automatic detonations that disrupt incoming attacks.

The Conquistador is regarded across the various Realms connected to Junctionworld as a masterwork in flexible design.







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