Junctionworld Book Two Is In The Can!

Hey, Folks!

After the ingestion of enough caffeine to levitate a moose, I typed "The End" on Breakthrough: Junctionworld Book 2 last night around 1:30am.

I am sending it out to my editors, so they can peruse it, and send it back for rewrites.

After I get those turned around, we will hopefully make our release goal of a February launch.  Manipulator digits crossed.

So, sorry for the silence, but I've been writing like a madman.

I'll start getting those promised 3D printer files (.STL is the format) to you.

All you have to do is email me at bearrosswriter at gmail dot com, and you'll be on the list to start receiving the files, short stories, and other updates.

Keep, if you're interested.  Feel free to toss them, if it's not your thing.  No worries.

Now, I get to start watching The Mandelorian, and The Expanse Season 4.  And spend sometime with these people in my house who say they're my family!  ;)

I hope you guys have a good holiday season.

Talk to you soon.




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