Jump On The Email List And Get Some New Digital Files

I've been detoxing from caffeine, marathoning TV shows with the family, and generally enjoying the post-book Christmas slowdown.  At least until the blizzard of edits hits.

In the meantime, I've been doing some digital sculpting.

Here's a few examples of cleaned-up sculpts that are ready to print.

 Here's Casual Waldo with the Big Gate Damned Hammer-1, which plays out in a neat fight scene in my book.  It's almost 6 inches (150mm) long!

 Here's a mech chainsword with Waldo in less casual wear.  That bad boy is about 5 inches (125mm) long.

Jessica Kramer standing next to a 28mm Scale suppressive gatling.  This can be an inverted chin-mount gun on a mech, or standard turret.

I shrank down and recontoured the Wardancer's blades. They're a bit sleeker, but still very nasty.

Want the weapon files?  They're yours when you sign up for my writing email list, along with a couple short stories set in the Junctionworld Universi.

I don't sell your info, or spam you to death with constant sales pitches.

bearrosswriter@gmail.com is the address.  Just send me an email to sign up, and you'll get occasional updates on upcoming books in the Junctionworld Trilogy.

Update:  The Gatling Turret is now uploaded to Thingiverse for download.  Here's the link...




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