The Sicario Assassination Mech

 My series of long, tall mechs is called the Cervantes class (a variation on the Don Quixote theme).

The first of these Cervantes-class mechs is the Sicario.  

Dark, sinister, and optimized for crippling targets even larger than

 itself, the Sicario Assassination Mech stalks the battlefield, an impossibly huge visage of mechanical death in stealthed armor.

These files for the 28mm are available at a temporary discount for July by joining my Tribes or Patreon. Not a bad deal for $7.50 USD!


The Sicario is available in July for my Patreon and Tribes subscribers at a substantial discount.  After August, the price goes up when it is offered for general retail.  Obviously, along with 40% discounts on my past inventory, it pays to be a subscriber. 

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