May's Mech: Project CG-78-2

  This fearsome mech was May's reward for my Patreon and Tribes campaigns.

If you're interested in signing up for them, links are below...

If you want to just buy the .stl files at retail, here are some links at Cults3d, CG Trader, and MyMiniFactory...

Here's some of the fluff text for the build...

"Project CG-78-2 is a hurried, but brilliant, countermeasure to the ROC-C orbital assault mech developed by the breakaway Caligula orbital colonies. The lightning attacks by the menacing green armors, descending from on high to attack vulnerable population centers and vital strategic defenses, seemed unstoppable. The rebelling orbital colonies, with their valued resources and access to low-gravity goods and services, were on the verge of slipping beyond the benevolence of Mother Terra.

The United Terran High Council, determined that none should secede from the loving influence of the home planet, demanded a solution, and immediately. A king’s ransom, worth billions of credits, was offered by Terran forces to any Caligulan armored pilot willing to defect with their armor intact. Within days, one pilot managed to transit through the atmosphere to present their stolen mech to the authorities of the United Terran Government and collect their prize.

There were summarily executed for treason to the homeworld, and their armor seized for analysis and reverse-engineering. The result, after a furious marathon of failed prototypes, sacrificial test pilots, and destructive testing, was the CG-78-2, an armored mech that Terran Authorities hope will turn the tide of rebellion and reunify the mother planet with her prodigal colonies.

Two main variants of the CG-78-2 have emerged during the brutal rounds of testing. One is more of a melee fighter, armed with a powerful energy-edged blade and protective shield, excellent for countering the ROC-C’s deadly extending and retractable power lance.

The other version is a fire support variant, equipped with a devastating double gatling weapon that overcomes the ROC-C’s insane maneuverability through sheer volume of fire. Defensive gatling carriers have long belts of ammo to enable them to pour sustained waves of ordnance at incoming attackers, while CG-78-2s on offensive missions can be equipped with a smaller, more portable ammo drum mounted to the weapon, along with spares bolted to the central core.

Project CG-78-2 will ensure that the decadent, ungrateful Caligula colonies will be brought to heel, and, by force, if necessary, will return to the warm, iron embrace of Mother Terra."

Fun, no?

Enough blather.  Here's some pictures.  Banana for scale...


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