Project Quixote, A 28mm Modular Mech Kit For 3D Printers


Announcing the launch of Project Quixote, a 28mm Dieselpunk Modular Mech Kit in STL Form For 3D Printers.

Free PDF Instructions and Build Preview



Free Molten Matter Projection Cannons

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Project Quixote was created by a small engineering bureau on a remote, backwater world on the Fifth Gate network. It's journeyman-like sturdiness was forged with modularity in mind, as evidenced by its multitude of mission-dictated combat loadouts. It can be found in the armored forces of dozens of nations and worlds across the Universi.

Envisioned as an alternative to the rigid, inflexible designs offered by Gandrex-Watanabe Industries and other large interdimensional defense contractors, and a direct competitor with the MR-400 series offered by the Gatekeepers, the mech proved itself in numerous conflicts as a rugged and dependable combat unit, easily maintained and modified in the field.

Mech pilots are particularly fond of the armor package which features reactive armor on the top of the carapace, enabling a defense against top-attack guided missiles and hostile biological swarm organisms.

A cheeky ad campaign by the Quixote designers caused embarrassment for the Board of Directors at GWI, and a small task force obliterated their prototyping facilities in a covert raid. By then, though, the design had spread far and wide to authorized armor dealers and remote manufacturing facilities.

The controversy caused by the corporate assassination roiled the multiworld war industry, with numerous smaller firms taking up the mantle of the Quixote design. A multitude of custom variants are now offered under a wide spectrum of brand names, all sharing the same utilitarian chassis.

GWI's ham-fisted handling of the matter, and its inevitable lawsuits and punitive conflicts to stamp out the design's proliferation, is still the cause of numerous business and physical conflicts to this day.

The public outcry about the entire ordeal has caused their stock prices to drop, and there is whispered talk in certain circles that GWI are considering offering their own variant based on the original data package, with proprietary upgrades and subscription-based control software.

JBR here. Project Quixote was my concept of a modular stl design upon which I could hang all my free Questing Knight weapons, along with my paid factory upgrade files like Project Maggie, Project Styx, and Project Abby.

-Included in this base introductory package are two types of armor styles, reactive (bumpy) and traditional (smooth).

-Four styles of sensor heads.

-Two styles of legs using most of the same parts, just in different configurations.

-5 improved upper arms, optimized for magnetization.

-Auxiliary gatlings, lasers, molten matter throwers, and tilting shields.

-Three categories of main guns (Heavy Gatling, Heavy Laser, and Molten Matter Projection Cannons)

-Close combat options of a new powersword, chainsword, and open and closed armored gauntlets

-Three options of carapace weapons (dual suppressive gatlings and two styles of missile launchers)

-Seated and standing 28mm Waldo figures as size reference or internal pilots.

All models are supplied in zipped folders in clean and supported formats. Optimized for resin printers.





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