Painted Miniatures, Part One: Infantry!

I spent a few nights' worth of midnight oil, and painted up some plastic soldiers.

Here's my Imperial Guard detachment (I think they're a battalion under the current set of rules).  They are the ground force in support of my Imperial Knights (more on them, later).

 All told, I painted up 30 Cadians, converted two 3d-printed character models into sergeants with laspistols and chainswords, and made three Scions into officers.

On to the pretty pictures.  I hope you like the colors grey and green...

Here are five "Easy To Build" Cadian troopers.  They are simpler infantry with near-identical weapons and poses, but they are great for building fast and filling out your ranks.

 My 3D-printed figures of Jessica Kramer (my novels' main character) and Waldo (my digital sculpting reference figure) were pressed into Imperial service.  They now serve the Emperor of Mankind as sergeants.

 Here's Jessica Kramer, after I chopped off her arms and added a number of Imperial Guard parts.

And Waldo, now with a chainsword and custom laspistol, which started life as a chopped-down lasgun rifle.

 The three sergeants, ready to lead their troops into battle (the charging fellow on the left is a stock Cadian sergeant).

 The three squads assembled and formed.

 Here the infantry are, testing their mettle with the Mega Scorpion Mech.

 Everyone gets an assembly-line paintjob and a clearcoat of flat matte.  Now, we need to make a few leaders for the unit.

 Three Scions from my Kill Team box were commissioned to lead my force.

 Officer 1 has a power fist and a bolt pistol.  I like his pose.

 Officer two is mostly Scion parts, with some Cadian bits and a 3D-printed backpack I designed and printed.

 Officer 3 has a Scion body with leftover sergeant arms from the Cadian sprues.

 All three officers painted up nice.

 My 35 freshly-painted infantry, ready to throw themselves into battle.

"The company is formed, sir!"



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