I Hope You've Been Well. Here's A Large Mechanical Scorpion As A Token Of My Esteem.

Well, I took a break after Junctionworld Book 2 dropped.  The audiobook is due, soon, from Audible, but has been delayed due to the state of the world, these days.

I hope you and yours are doing well.

I have been busy, doing a large amount of digital sculpting.

One of my larger projects was recrafting a familiar design, the Scorpion Mech from Rebel Miniatures, to adapt it to a larger size.

Extra detailing, more parts, and setting things up to be printed at home, vs. cast at a shop, were all design priorities.

Here's the end result...

It's a big one, no?

GW vehicles are from my personal collection, and used for size reference only.

Now that this project is out of my head (it wouldn't let go), I can devote my full attention to Book 3, The Headhunter's War.

I will be sure to let you know when Book 2's audiobook launches.  I recently submitted my pronunciation guide to the talented Ms. Emily Woo Zeller, whom I believe will be returning to narrate Breakthrough.  Stay tuned.



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