Defiance is an International Best Seller!

My publishers, Aethon Books, managed to wrangle an International Bookbub for my debut novel, Defiance: Junctionworld Book 1.

Bookbub, just so you know, is a large recommendation site that puts a writer's book in front of a multitude of subscribers, if they like what you submit.

So, after that efforts, I managed to hit number one in a few subcategories of science fiction, namely Cyberpunk Sci Fi and Galactic Empire Sci Fi, and earned the long-coveted Orange Tags from Amazon, which denote the book's #1 status.

My thanks to the good people of Australia and Canada.

We even managed to get to #2 in the UK.  It's all very exciting.

For those of you who purchase the Kindle Ebook, remember that the Audible Audiobook, read by Emily Woo Zeller, is only a few dollars more.  She puts on a beautiful acting performance, making my plain words dance.

Alas, the elusive "Huge In Japan" title still is beyond my grasp, for now.  ;)  That will change, someday...


Here's those UK, Australian, Canadian, and Nippon links...


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